My Camera Journal - Part 4

Sometime around 2009 I started getting more interested in making videos with a DSLR, so naturally the camera to purchase at that time was either the Canon 5D Mark II or the Canon 7D. I specifically remember telling myself, "I want to be part of the digital revolution. I don't want to be left behind."

Silly me, sometimes.

On my way home from work one late 2009 afternoon, I drove down Highland Avenue and took a detour into the parking lot of Calumet Photo. Upon exiting my vehicle and entering the store, I headed straight to the counter and asked for the "Canon 7D, please."

I don't remember much else about purchase, as it went smoothly, but the 7D hung around with me for quite some time.

My buddy Jonny Mac and I used this camera for our video projects, and I used it to start off the an ambitious 365 self portrait series that I did back in 2010.

I used this camera and loved this camera...then I sold this camera.




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