Do You Remember When

Do you remember the time we went skydiving? Wasn’t that nuts? I never thought we were going to do that together, but we did. We were crazy then weren’t we?

Or how about that time I caught that foul ball barehanded? Seriously, I didn’t feel a thing. My hand was just fine. I must have been lucky enough to just catch it perfectly.

I suppose that doesn’t really match up to when I got to drive the pace car at the Indy 500 though. That was pretty sweet. Too bad it was just in a Camaro though. Could have been so much more fun in a proper race car.

Speaking of speed, I still can’t believe I beat Usain Bolt in that 100 meter. I must have had some good fuel for breakfast or he must have been nauseous or sick or something because I don’t know how I’d ever be able to accomplish that again.

I was just thinking about that time when we went to Paris and we had the Louvre all to ourselves. It was so quiet. We saw everything! It was like having a private gallery in our own home. So cool. I feel like we’ll never top that. Do we even dare go back? It just can’t compare.

And then that time in Tokyo, when we won at Pachinko! I don’t even know how to play the game! Lucky us though, we won. What did we even do with the winnings, do you remember? Probably blew it on a good meal. At least I hope we did. I still can’t believe we ran into that singer (I can’t recall her name right now) at the airport and she offered us a trip back with her on a private jet. And then we all karaoke'd to Nirvana songs the whole way back. Well maybe not the whole way. Are you still in touch with her? Wow, what a trip that was.

But then again, we’ve had a lot of great one-of-a-kind trips, haven’t we? The time we hitchhiked the ring in Iceland. That was fun. Even got to do some horseback riding like you wanted. And we finally saw the Aurora Borealis. Check that off the list! You even learned some Icelandic and ordered a meal. I was impressed.

Another favorite is when we sailed ourselves across the Atlantic. Tough to beat that experience. Just awesome really. It was rough at times yeah, but we did it. I think that’s definitely something we can be proud of. I got sick and you did most of the hard work and you even took of all the meals. That was rough on my body but I’m happy we did it together.

I’m really looking forward to getting my pilot’s license though. Then you and I can fly all over the place together. Day trip to San Francisco. Weekend trip to Montana. We’ll go whenever we want, wherever we want! It’s going to be so much fun!

Endless adventures!

Andy RiddleComment