I woke up yesterday with bites. 

Bug bites.

On my body.

Specifically, seven bug bits on my right foot. Two bug bites on my left foot. One bite on my left calf. One bite on my right knee. One bite on my left thigh. One on my right thigh and lastly one on my belly button.

My belly button.

There was a bug, that crawled on me in the middle of the night, found it's way into my belly button and bit me. What?

I feel like that's a practical joke or something. There are plenty of juicy places to bite me. Why not my stomach for starters. Or more on my thighs. Not my belly button!

It just doesn't make any sense to me. Feels like that must have been a dare or something from a friend of this bug. 

"I dare you to bite that dude in his belly button."

Then they laughed about it, and cracked a blood beer or something.

"What the hell, I'll do it."



Andy RiddleComment