I've had a number of jobs over the years. Here's what I've learned from them.

2000 - MLB Pitch Charter: I learned that a pitcher was incredibly good with his split finger fastball in 0-2 counts.

2000 - Baseball Youth Camp Counselor: I learned how to stop a 5 year old kid from crying after he tripped over second base. Give him fake money.

2000 to 2003 - TV Production Department Inventory Assistant: I learned how to play pinball on a Windows XP machine and look busy at the same time. 

2001 - Starbucks Barista: I learned that coffee smells good in a coffee shop. It does not smell good in one's laundry hamper a few days later.

2002 to 2005 - Florist: I learned that flowers are beautiful, pricey and predictable on Mother's Day.

2005 - Production Assistant: I learned how to track mileage on my car and the fastest route to Starbucks.

2005 to 2008 - Department Assistant Kid's TV Production: I learned that everyone and their grandmother has a show idea to pitch, and if it involves an older guy with an acoustic guitar dressed in a silly outfit, I've heard it before. Pass.

2008 to 2009 - Freelance Artist: AKA Unemployed.

2009 to Current - Quality Control Technician: I learned that a lot of tech equipment is crap. Don't buy crap.


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