The Last Hope

But not really.

As I sit here in front of my computer, I have to ask myself why I continue to write everyday. My answer to that is that I have hope that writing like this allows me to have an honest reflection of thoughts and my day to day actions.

I am writing with no particular goal at the moment so I know that what I write means something to me. Some might even call these diary entries. They would not be wrong and that is just fine with me.

Though perhaps saying I have no particular goal isn’t entirely accurate. Much like anything we do there is hope of some sort of outcome. In my case I do hope that writing everyday makes me a better writer. A more focused writer. A writer with intention. I don’t necessarily know if my vocabulary will increase, as for the most part I write conversational. So, as you read this, my hope is that it reads in your head as if you were speaking with me.

Sadly, this is a one way conversation.


Andy RiddleComment