The Warriors

Well, that was fun to watch. Nerve wracking at times, but still fun. The Golden State Warriors just won their 3rd NBA Finals in 4 years. Not bad at all. Hopefully this run of theirs continues for a long time. 

I remember the days of the early-mid 1990s. Goodness I loved basketball back then. Latrell Sprewell was my guy until...well, you know. We don't have to rehash all of that. 

It's funny, when I was a kid I feel like I lived and died by how the Giants and Warriors and Niners played. I loved watching all of their games... and I mean all of them. I had their schedules memorized. I knew when, where and what channel I could watch all the games. 

I'm not sure how passionate I am anymore though. Yes, I still care. Yes, I still want them to win. But I think being away from the Bay Area definitely takes away a bit of the passion. Of course I follow along, and even these days it's easier to follow in greater detail than ever before, but being away from the fans make it tough. It's tough to be the lone soldier so to speak. 

But soldier on I do. And it's a lot of fun to soldier on when they win.

Go Warriors! Go Giants!

Andy RiddleComment