Let's Talk About Making Things

Pictures. Movies. Sentences. Ideas.

I enjoy making things.


It's time to start making more.


So I'm 35 years old now. Almost 36. As pretty much anyone my age and older will probably tell the youth of our world, time flies.

Sure, I suppose time didn't fly while back in elementary school and high school, but after joining the work force or whatever, time seriously takes no Summer breaks.

I suppose time seems to go so fast these days simply because we are no longer on a set schedule of years and days in school. Now, it's just work work work, and then do the same thing over again the next week, month, year, etc. When you have yourself a 9 to 5 job, it's pretty easy to get complacent with time and then time most definitely will fly.

Well, I want to slow things down a bit, and as I have no special powers (aside from my power of flight), I think it's time to start making more projects so I can slow down time again.

Here's what I mean by that. 

  • 1982 - Birth
  • 2000 - High School Graduation
  • 2004 - College Graduation
  • 2006 - My mom passes away.
  • 2008 - Laid off from a creative job I cared about.
  • 2008 - Shot a feature film with one of my best friends. We worked really hard on this thing.
  • 2009 - Started working in a new (non-creative) field.
  • 2010 - I did one of those 365 self portrait projects which actually turned out very satisfying. Some pictures stand out to me now 7 years old, and I still remember things I did that day because of the photos I took. 2010 was also the year the Giants won the World Series for the first time in 56 years. November 1, 2011. I have the picture to prove it.
  • 2011 - Met my wife.
  • 2012 - Met my nephew.
  • 2014 - We got married and went to Paris.

So, these years are all sort of "dates" that I go by in terms of "periods of my life." It's nice to have most of them, a tracking system so to speak. Every single one of these moments mean something to me. I feel like if I start committing myself to larger projects with meaning, I can add more moments of importance to my memories, thus helping me remember and slow down time.

Okay, writing this might not make a whole lot of sense, but I'm okay with that. It started out as just 4 lines, but I ramble.

Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for sticking with me.

Perhaps I can look back at this in a few years and laugh at it. Whatever, that's not the point. 

- Andy




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