An Interesting Encounter

Yesterday was Christmas Day and Robin and I decided to stay in and relax. I thought I had prepped for this with enough food in the refrigerator, but alas we were in the mood for some hamburgers (which of course we did not have).

I knew not too many restaurants were going to be open on Christmas Day, but I had an idea of one that would be. Canter's Deli. 24 hours a day. If you've lived in LA for long enough, you've gone there. If you are out with friends at 3AM and hungry, you've probably gone there but don't remember it anymore.

Anyway, I ordered our two burgers online (because that's what I do in 2017), and headed up Fairfax a few miles to pick up our burgers.

As I crossed over Beverly I couldn't help but notice a line of people outside the restaurant which extended pretty much to the end of the block. Goodness. Thankfully, I had placed my order online so I wasn't worried about this line.

I parked my car down an adjacent street, and made my way down the block. I skipped the line, entered the deli and went to the pickup counter where I was promptly told they couldn't make my burgers. I didn't get a reason why (and honestly I didn't really care) but it probably had to do with the ridiculous amount of people in the restaurant. Instead, they said they could make me some sandwiches from the deli counter. Since Robin and I were still hungry, I went ahead and placed an order for our two sandwiches.

Now this is when the interesting encounter started. I just standing to the side of the counter when a fellow, probably my age, just asked me out of the blue if I bought any Bitcoin. Not exactly sure how to play this, I just responded, "Didn't everyone?" Anyway, we continued talking about crypto for the next 10 minutes or so, just spouting out our thoughts and all on the idea of it and on certain currencies. He was a bit more knowledgable than I was on the subject, I will admit. I'm not entirely ignorant about it though. I've read some articles, listened to interviews and I've watched the Banking on Bitcoin documentary on Netflix, which I'm sure is pretty popular these days.

We kept chatting until his order was ready and then as he left, he said, "Good luck. I'm sure you'll be a millionaire in few years." Not something you hear as a salutation these days. But honestly, it was a nice thought. A nice way to end a conversation. Now, I don't think I can take him too seriously about all that because who knows what the future may bring, but still, I enjoyed this interesting encounter.

We didn't exchange names or anything, but I couldn't help but wonder if this dude was some crypto king or something. Haha. 

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