I have this issue with photographs. I take them and then I don't do anything with them. They stay on my computer. They stay undeveloped. I have rolls and rolls of exposed film in my kitchen drawers and I have no clue what is on them. One day I'll get to them. One day... 


After they are taken, they ultimately don't do anything. 

It's up to us to do something. That's where the power of a photograph lays; after the picture is taken. 

Maybe taking pictures has become too simple. The thought process is gone when there is no value to each pixel. The picture is snapped, posted, liked, skipped over and forgotten. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. 

If pictures were alive, would they have this fear of being forgotten? I may have "liked" your picture yesterday but honestly, I've probably forgotten it already, you'll have to remind me of it.

So I think that's the problem I have with photography these days. Because I see so much of it. I forget so much more, including my own.