I wish I could remember the first book I ever read.

We begin with picture books and things of that sort. Teach us numbers and letters. We read about a very hungry caterpillar at one point in our life, then keep things moving with stories about a curious monkey, and a giving tree. We continue with some pictures and words about a Monday-hating cat, and read panels of another about a mischievous little kid with a stuffed tiger. And there you have my favorite writings all through my first 15 years of life.

I suppose if someone asked me to state my favorite book, I would say The Catcher in the Rye. However, I haven't read that book in years. It was my favorite book in 10th grade, at least. What was I, sixteen when I read that book? I mean, honestly, I've read and spent more time thinking about Harry Potter than I have Holden Caulfield. Can I say that Harry Potter is my favorite story? Is that allowed by a 33 year old guy?

Anyway, these days I try to spend about an hour each day reading something that interests me. Lately it has been more non-fiction than fiction, and sadly something with more words than pictures. However, when I think about reading and the joy that it brought me, I still think I need to make time for Calvin, for Hobbes, and maybe even revisit Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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